The full schedule is outlined below. Click on the dates below to expand the schedule.

Tuesday, April 24

12:30PM 6:00PM Registration Desk Open
1:00PM 3:30PM

Eastern Region Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 25

7:30AM 5:00PM Registration Desk Open
8:00AM 8:45AM


8:45AM 9:45AM

Opening Session & Keynote

9:45AM 10:00AM Break
10:00AM 11:00AM Breakout Sessions
11:00AM 11:15AM Break
11:15AM 12:15PM Breakout Sessions
12:15PM 1:45PM Lunch and General Session
1:45PM 2:00PM Break
2:00PM 3:00PM Breakout Session
3:00PM 3:15PM Break
3:15PM 4:15PM Breakout Sessions
4:15PM 4:30PM Break

Thursday, April 26

7:30AM 4:00PM Registration Desk Open
8:00AM 9:15AM

Breakfast and General Session 

9:15AM 9:30AM Break
9:30AM 10:30AM Breakout Sessions
10:30AM 10:45AM Break
10:45AM 11:45AM Breakout Sessions
11:45AM 1:00PM Lunch
1:00PM 1:15PM Break
1:15PM 2:15PM Breakout Sessions
2:15PM 2:30PM Break
2:30PM 3:30PM Breakout Session
3:30PM 4:45PM Foundation Raffle & Closing

The 2018 NPMA Spring Educational Training Seminar will offer the following workshop tracks:

  • Federal, Contractor and Fleet Asset Management
  • Asset Management in the Educational Environment
  • Personal Growth and Development

Please check back regularly for updates.

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