2018 National Educational Seminar

August 6-9, 2018 | Chicago, Illinois

Reach Asset Management Professionals who manage personal property and assets at the 2018 National Educational Seminar in Chicago, Illinois from August 6-9, 2018.

Does your company serve the asset management market? As an exhibitor and/or sponsor at the 2018 NES, you have the potential to interact with over 700 practitioners, many in decision-making roles. We’re planning out a host of unique opportunities for 2018; bookmark this page and check back for details. If you’d like to receive an email the moment exhibitor and sponsor sales open, let us know! Email NPMA here

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A2B Tracking provides essential support for the Property Manager by making sense of their contract obligations and simplifying these challenges with their unique property management system called UC! Web™. UC! Web™ was designed from the ground-up to achieve total compliance with US Military requirements for asset identification (IUID and RFID) as well as integrated iRAPT and IUID Registry reporting as core capabilities. For over 20 years, A2B Tracking has pioneered military-grade enterprise-class solutions for identifying, marking and tracking critical assets for DoD agencies and the contractors who support them. Take control of your assets with UC! Web™.




Sunflower Systems is an enterprise asset management solutions company specializing in the deployment of software tools and business processes to improve lifecycle asset management operations. Sunflower’s portfolio of solutions enables organizations to reduce costs, improve decision‐making, accountability and regulatory compliance for all types of assets. The Sunflower solution suite also includes scanners, mobile PC’s, asset labels, RFID technologies and a wide range of services including software implementation, training, consulting and operational support. Sunflower Systems supports the property management needs of federal government agencies, universities, government contractors, national laboratories, corporations, and law enforcement organizations.


GP Consultants without phraseGP Consultants LLC provides cutting edge technical expertise acquired through decades of applied research and practical application in the field of contract property and asset management.  The faculty and staff of GP Consultants stands ready to assist you, Government or Industry, in reviewing contractual requirements relating to contract property and fostering the proper application of these requirements through training and education.  GP Consultants provides the most current and up-to-date training and educational materials and has supported NPMA, numerous Government agencies including the DoD, NASA, DOE and FAA. as well as dozens of Government contractors dealing with government contract property.

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“Government leaders are under extraordinary pressure to do more with existing, or fewer, resources. Sequestration, reduced tax revenues, soaring deficits and a deepening national debt are encouraging decision-makers to align resources where they can achieve the best outcomes. At the same time, demand for visibility and transparency in the use of those resources is growing. The US Government & Public Sector practice of Ernst & Young LLP combines an understanding of the public sector’s diverse needs, focused on delivering improved public services, with leading private sector practices. EY brings together highly skilled professionals across advisory, assurance, tax and transaction advisory services.”


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Founded more than 40 years ago, AssetSmart is the Leader in Enterprise Asset Management Technology working with clients in the Defense, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Calibration, Federal Agencies, and Fortune 1000 Markets.

AssetSmart’s unique open architecture supporting both MS SQL Server and Oracle platforms empowers users to execute any asset transaction, inquiry or report anywhere, on any device (PC, barcode reader, smartphone or tablet). The solution can be hosted or installed locally and tightly integrated with ERP and other mission-critical systems through the use of our APIs for batch and real-time system integration and interfaces.

Key COTS solution elements include: Property and Equipment, Material, UID, Ship and Move Order, Mobility, Calibration and Maintenance, as well as our patent-pending Enterprise Cataloging system. AssetSmart’s functionality includes eTools (PCARSS), FEDLOG, IUID and iRAPT interfaces and DD-1149, NF-1018 and SF-1428 reporting. AssetSmart offers Significant Cost Savings designed to Facilitate Compliance, Reduce Risk, and leverage Best Practices.


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Camcode works with organizations across the globe in industries such as education, healthcare, defense, government, warehouse/logistics, manufacturing, utility, telecom, and oil and gas to improve asset management operations, help insure regulatory compliance, and reduce the costs and risk associated with managing assets and corresponding asset data. These benefits are achieved through item-level asset identification and tracking. Using Camcode’s customized and comprehensive asset identification products and services, organizations can generate reliable asset data which simplifies workflow and improves the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of business processes.

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E-ISG is the leading provider of Enterprise Asset Management software for government property managers. Over 100 top Government/Defense contractors and Government Agencies rely on eQuip! to track the complete lifecycle of their asset inventory using the modern web and mobile application. Stop by our exhibit on Monday or Tuesday to learn more about eQuip! and participate in our free raffle.

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Deloitte’s Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) practice assists clients to enable mission objectives by addressing their property management risks and challenges. ALM practitioners work with personal and real property, IT asset management, leases, operating materials and supplies, and inventory from acquisition until disposition. Our professionals use their industry knowledge – covering operations, financial management, accounting, controls, risk management, and asset management – to help clients advance through the phases of the ALM maturity curve: building a foundation (Audit Readiness), strengthening program execution (Process Improvement), and enhance mission execution (Mission Value).




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